The story thus far...

The Sterretania is a TL15, 200 ton Brenneli Class survey ship, one of six such ships on a privately funded surveying mission of the Tahtka Subsector. The ship launched from Garoo/Darrian on 186/1113 and has been making it’s way through the Tahtka Subsector, performing their surveys.

The crew of the Sterretania consists of:

Shortly after entering the Arrnay system and starting their scans, the crew of the Sterretania received a broadcast from an automated bouy indicating the system was interdicted and they must leave at once. The crew scanned a Gazelle Class Close Escort escorting a modified 400 ton merchant ship to a jump point. The escort launched it’s gig which turned and began approaching the Sterretania. As the merchant ship and escort entered jumpspace, the gig turned and began firing upon the Sterretania, never responding to the Sterretania’s hails.

The Sterretania, while much less agile than the small gig, had considerable more firepower. The battle in space waged on with each ship eventually severely crippling the other ship. As this chapter begins we find both the Sterretania and the gig hurtling toward the planet, their pilots barely managing to keep control…



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