Arrnay Planetary Data

Arrnay is an diverse, earth-like planet in the Tahtka subsector of the Foreven Sector, immediately spinward of the Spinward Marches. The Tahtka subsector (Subsector M of the Foreven Sector) is a subsector of my own design and replaces the Rull subsector in established Traveller astrography.

Arrnay is home to three intelligent species: Humans on Arrnay, the Ularu, and the Vorguss.

UPP = X 777670 2
  • Size: 7 (approx. 11,000 km. diameter)
  • Atmo: 7 (standard)
  • Hydro:7 (approx. 72%)
  • Pop: 6 (millions of inhabitants)
  • Gov’t: 7 (balkanized) – see GM notes
  • Law: 0 (no prohibitions)
  • Tech: 2 common(circa 1400-1700) although some areas are higher
  • Starport X – none (although the Genetech Corporation maintains their own small Class C port)
  • Planetary rotation – 26 standard hours
  • Gravity: .95 standard

There are no Imperial scout or military bases, but the system is classified as a Red Zone and is protected by interdiction satellites and patrol ships of unknown allegiance.

Arrnay Planetary Data

Arrnay/Tahtka beerfume