Kachiro are large, aggressive predators found in many places on Arrnay/Tahtka. They look like giant ants and adults range in size from 4’ to 6’ long. They nest underground in packs of 10-20. They are very quick and reasonably strong, but can be fairly easy to kill with a ranged weapon such as a bow. Hand to hand combat is much more difficult.

Typical prey for kachiro include everything from medium sized rodents to large grazers, depending upon their environment and what food sources are available.

Some kachiro are poisonous and will inject a venom with a special stinger in their pincers. This poison is not usually fatal to humans, but will cause paralysis for a short time (1-2 days) followed by fever for usually about a week, if left untreated.

Kachiro near human and Ularu settlements tend to raid ranchers herds and are considered a major inconvenience and are usually killed if seen. Their nest is usually a maze of underground tunnels, just barely big enough for a human to crawl through, with a few larger rooms for different functions: food storage, feeding, care-giving, sleeping, etc. When possible, kachiro hide their nest openings from other predators with vegetation or rocks, so they can be sometimes difficult to find.


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