The Ularu are a race of large centipede-like creatures who inhabit the Krydor region of Arrnay. The Ularu are the planet’s only native intelligent species. Long ago, the Ularu were mining, construction, and farming slaves of the Vorga species. At the time of the Vorgan Downfall, the Ularu were able to rise up against their enslavers and establish independence.

Ularu have 24 limbs and a hard carapace. They are typically physically stronger and have more endurance than humans. They are typically slower than humans over short runs, but with their greater endurance, need less rest when travelling. While just as intelligent as humans, they do not have the same drive of curiousity. They are omnivorous.

The Ularu became a very religious society after the end of their slavery and they embarked on what they considered their “Divine Right of Conquest”. There was much turmoil after their independece and several civil wars broke out. There are still some minor skirmishes between tribes of Ularu to this day. Ularu are racially motivated to conquer but they do not like deep water (sailors rarely leave sight of land, or cold climates. They become sluggish and easily defeated in the thin air of high mountains. Their own limitations and the geography of their lands minimizes their expansion.

Present day Ularu are ruled under a charismatic dictatorship. They respect leaders who are charasmatic, strong, strategically clever, and who have the ability to obtain their objectives.


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