The Vorguss are a race of half-snake half-man creatures who inhabit the Pakaron region of Arrnay.

Although they are not high in number relative to the humans and Ularu, they are long lived (average over 200 years old) and very sturdy. While not actually cold blooded, the Vorguss do prefer to live in hot, tropical regions and will never be found in the colder regions.

Vorguss organize themselves into distinct tribes ranging in size from hundreds to thousands. Tribal cultural differences vary upon their geographic region. There are Swamp Vorguss, Mountain Vorguss, Plains Vorguss, etc.) Smaller tribes may be nomadic, and therefore more diversified and open to interaction with other races.

Generally Vorguss do not interact with the human population except in the areas bordering their lands, where some interaction including trading occurs. In the deeper jungle regions of Pakaron, the Vorguss remain very isolated from the outside world.

There were earlier periods in Arrnay’s history when the Vorguss actively captured and enslaved both the human and Ularu. For whatever reasons, this practice has stopped.


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