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  • Arrnay Planetary Data

    Arrnay is an diverse, earth-like planet in the Tahtka subsector of the Foreven Sector, immediately spinward of the Spinward Marches. The Tahtka subsector (Subsector M of the Foreven Sector) is a subsector of my own design and replaces the Rull subsector …

  • Pakaron

    A region of the [[Coruga]] continent on Arrnay, home to the majority of the [[Vorguss]] population. A combination of jungles, swamps, plains, mountains and rain forests. Generally humid with a large amount of rainfall.

  • Nakacck

    Capitol city and seat of power for the Ularan species. The city is built in a long (120 miles) canyon called The Great Chasm (by humans). Dwellings and structures are built onto and into the canyon walls. The bottom of the canyon is lush with vegetation …

  • Krydor

    A continent on the planet of Arrnay. Home to the [[Ularu]] race. Areas of note: * The [[Black Towers of Nakanok]]. * The [[Drakthar Desert ]].

  • Adimar

    !http://cache.virtualtourist.com/1012670-View_from_the_upper_towncastle-Monemvasia.jpg! Human city located on the eastern coast of the [[Coruga]] continent.

  • Coruga

    Coruga is a continent on the planet Arrnay. Largely inhabited by [[Duntari]], [[Ukari]], and [[Dresari]] humans, the continent also contains the [[Pakaron]] region, home of the [[Vorguss]].

  • Haganar

    !http://pro.corbis.com/images/OS001510.jpg?size=67&uid=%7BC9BA7BED-BDD3-4BE2-8D1C-1C50BD1E0D90%7D! Haganar is a human military fort on the eastern coast of [[Coruga]], at the Straight of Haganar. The straight is the most common place for rogue bands of …

  • Ciasari

    !http://ohhplanet.com/cambodia/angkor%20cambodia%2011.jpg! Ciasari is a [[Vorguss]] city deep in the jungles of [[Pakaron]]. The Vorguss have many stone structures throughout the jungles, swamps and forests. Little is known about these structures to …

  • Drakthar Desert

    !http://olivier.cousinou.free.fr/TGD/Images/Walking-the-sand.jpg! A large desert on the [[Krydor]] continent, home to many [[Ularu]]. The Ularu make their homes on the high cliff faces, either by attaching structures to the cliff face, or digging into …

  • Black Towers of Nakanok

    !http://olivier.cousinou.free.fr/Terragen/images/SomethingHoggar.jpg! Ularan city in the [[Drakthar Desert]] on [[Krydor]].

  • Augenhilde

    Augenhilde is a human city located on the southernmost tip of [[Coruga]] on the [[Bolanthus Peninsula]]. It is primarily inhabited by the [[Duntari]], but being a coastal city and a major human port, is visited by all tribes of humans. The city has a …

  • Agali River

    The Agali River is a slow-running river flowing from the [[Bolantu Mountains]] and is used for fishing, recreation, and transportation. There are several small towns along it's path. It finally passes through the city of [[Augenhilde]] before emptying …

  • Nedelis

    A small farming community located on the [[Agali River]]. It was the location of the party's first contact with Arrnay's inhabitants.

  • Asonia

    Asonia is the capitol city of the Ukari tribe, and the largest human city on Arrnay. It is a city of great diversity and wealth, and is the center of the [[Asonian Nation]], an empire which once covered all of Coruga and portions of Krydor. The city is …

  • Myridias

    !http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4art/20090617! A major city of the Northern Dresari, located in the [[Amintheos Mountains]] in northern [[Coruga]].

  • Temple of Draklok

    !http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/Art_ECG/1.jpg! An ancient and abandoned [[Vorguss]] temple on the border between the great [[Pakaron]] jungle and the northwestern plains of Pakaron.

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