The Dresari are the race of humans which occupy the nothern and northwester regions of Coruga. They are of a shorter and stockier strain of typical humans (think Dwarves, but not as short). The Dresari are excellent seamen and do a great deal of trading with the Duntari coastal regions. The Dresari are excellent metal workers and their tools, weapons, and armor are in high demand.

Western Dresari are somewhat more social than their northern cousins and less likely to cause trouble with other races. Northern Dresari are more aggressive but less organized in battle. Conflicts have been infrequent as they prefer the colder regions.

Western Dresari ususally ride a large, flightless bird called a Laku. Northern Dresari ride a heartier version of the Jenku.

Relationships with the Duntari and Ukari are strained, but there is still some interaction and trading. The Ukari/Dresari border regions are often locations for minor skirmishes and attacks from the Dresari upon the Ukari frontiersmen. The Dresari have had few land skirmishes with the Duntari due to geography, but the Dresari have a fine navy and there have been some disputes on the high seas with Duntari ships. The Dresari have very poor relations with the Plains Vorguss and both races tend to respect the others’ boundaries as past confrontations have tended to be bloody and expensive. See the Dresari Vorguss Border Wars.

Like the other races, the Dresari have not yet explored Pakaron.


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